"Quartz is a vibrational transmitter" "we are water and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates as entrainment between sound and body" Breathe into the present moment and expand consciousness and become the best version of yourself Sonic vibration was known to be the
fundamental creative force of the universe.
Raise your vibration and all that is not in alignment will naturally leave your life.
let you be inspired by the sound therapy
the vibrations create and inspire a feeling of deep relaxation.

Sound Healing

For centuries Sound Healing Therapy has been used by many cultures as ancient practices for healing & spiritual purpose.

A part of The Alchemy Journey is Sound healing which shifts energy all over the body through rhythm, frequency & vibration.

Christinajade plays the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, use voice activation and other instruments to transform the energy blocks throughout the body, align the chakras– like a deep meditation, allowing shifts, calmness, grounding, clarity to happen.

The vibrational sound encourage a feeling of deep relaxation and opening of the divine inner space. This may heighten your creativity, deepen your spiritual connection, advance consciousness and in general strengthen your overall wellbeing.

Through Sound Healing we enter self-healing, a state of harmony and health in minds, bodies and beyond.


“There’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, Music and Vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony.”

-Mitchell Gaynor

The Alchemy Journey Breathwork

During The Alchemy Journey you will experience dynamic breathing to electronic sound which evokes non ordinary states of consciousness. Once in deep connection with your inner wisdom, important downloads, realizations or even a divine epiphany are all possible.

The breathwork used throughout the Alchemy Journey’s allows us to experience shifts and changes in brain chemistry and physiology, our brainwave state might enter Alpha or Theta states which are both highly meditative and creative states. These are often blessings of deep insights and the sense of connections with the divine.

Breathwork brings changes in the perspective of our past, we become more present, release limiting beliefs, clear out mental, emotional, and physical blockages so we can look into a future with heightened awareness. These journeys allow you to tap into the subconscious, get to know the essence of your being and return to the vibrational frequency of Love and Oneness.

Great shifts and changes are taking place in the body on many levels expanding our oxygen intake. We are producing a very healthy alkaline state in the blood which is detoxifying and regenerating our cells. Breathwork helps regulate the autonomous nervous system and boost our immune system. Most clients experience a more positive and happier version of themselves, new perspective, old traumas dissolves, stress and anxiety diminishes, improved sleep, increased energy, etc.

Every journey is different, breathwork is like opening pandoras box and being ready to surrender and trusting the path. For every breath we take during this experience we alchemize blockages of lower vibrational frequencies stuck in our system, holding us from being the divine essence we are.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts” 

-Thich Nhat Hanh


“Christinajade is able to hold space for big feelings, none of the extreme movements or sounds we made frightened her or shifted her present moment focus. She has really walked her journey in this life and is not afraid to guide us safely through our processes.”

“The Alchemy Journey with Christina opened doors that I’ve never entered before, it is a magical journey of inner knowledge, self-exploration and peace. It’s clearly an example of the power of human. You reach alpha/theta states just by listening to her crystal bowls and by her breathing techniques. I can’t wait to experience it again.”

”A Miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love and the understanding that Heaven is here and now”